Jiseido for kids

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Jiseido for Kids

Jiseido for Kids is a programme designed especially for children.

Jiseido for Kids classes can help boys and girls grow and develop in many respects. It:

  • Improves basic motor skills: sense of balance, coordination, propioception
  • Improves attention span
  • Helps children socialize and provides them with tools for better interaction with their peers
  • Helps build self-confidence as children achieve their individual aims and objectives
  • Instils respect for rules, people and things. Special importance given to children’s relations with each other, their instructors and teaching materials

All these aspects are essential in the practice of Jiseido and in the development of the child, whether at home or at school.

Jiseido for Kids lays the groundwork for later access to Jiseido as a martial art and/or art of physical expression. Rather than concentrating only on technical or physical skills, it provides a well-rounded, integral training.

Jiseido for Kids motivates boys and girls to look into the martial arts; in this regard, the learning environment stresses the positive over the negative and the importance of involvement and active participation.


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