Dr. Toshihiko Yayama

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Doctor Toshihiko Yayama

Illness is painful for everyone, but from a more positive standpoint, falling ill can also serve as an opportunity to review one’s life and make necessary corrections.

Can antibiotics provide a complete cure?

Many illnesses are caused solely by bacteria, but more often they arise for various reasons.

The five major causes of illness are the following:

1) Underlying infection with no serious symptoms, such as the fevers caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites

2) Metals,  such as mercury, aluminium, lead, etc, which enter the body through water, food and the teeth

3) Noise and electromagnetic waves emitted by different electrical appliances, including cell phones, computers, microwaves etc.

4) Environmental pollution including the chemical agents found in weed-killers, pesticides, etc.

5) Stress

For incurable and chronic diseases, whose causes have not yet been defined, the patient’s condition can be improved by purging these five causes. Through Qi gong (KIKO) exercises, herbal detoxing and traditional Chinese medicine, and with the help of doctors and dentists, the body’s natural curative powers will begin to take over.

For people who are not ill, taking these steps can fortify health, prevent disease and prevent relapses.

In the field of medicine, what I call for is healthcare based on a Holotropic approach. In my career as a doctor, I have examined countless patients. Many of them have recovered, and unfortunately a few have died. After years of experience, I set up a clinic, YHC, with a view to providing the best standard of medical care possible in line with the principles outlined above.

I am firmly committed to continuing my research and improving our “capacity to cure”.

YHC Yayama Clinic provides holotropic information to the world. (YHC means Yamato Holotropic Centre.
Dr. Toshihiko Yayama

In 1980, Dr Yayama graduated in Medicine from the University of Kyushu. Following graduation, he worked at the Fukuoka Tokushukai hospital, primarily in emergency care, and studied Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Fukuoka Association. While studying and practicing Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, he discovered Qi gong in 1983, and since then has studied and refined it.
In 1987 Dr Yayama joined the Surgery Department of the University of Kyushu. He obtained his doctorate in immunology and became the medical director of Surgery at the Koseikan Hospital in the Saga Prefecture.

In 2001, he opened the YHC Yayama Clinic. In June of 2006, he opened a new medical-odontological clinic offering equipped with a  Qi gong training room and a natural foods restaurant. The clinic synchronizes Western and Oriental medicine and provides holistic medical care based on ki vital energy. More recently, he has established the Bioresonance Medical Association and offers vibrational medicine with members of studies in Japan and abroad.
Each year he teaches a seminar in Europe and trains new instructors. Several of Tokitsu ryu Spain’s instructors have been awarded teaching credentials by Dr Yayama as a result of these courses.

Master Tokitsu and Dr. Yayama continue the ongoing research that provides Tokitsu Ryu with its method and programme.



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